Sungod Revolt Custom Snow Goggles Review

If you saw my blog posts from last summer then you may already know who Sungod are and today we’re going to be taking a look at their new custom ski goggles, the Sungod Revolts.

SunGod was born in the UK back in 2013, Alistair Watkis and Zoe Armstrong raised £90,000 across 92 different countries to launch their first custom sunglasses model the SunGod “Classics”. The company has now grown to include 3 models of customisable sunglasses, ski goggles and even a Snapback!

As previously mentioned I already reviewed the custom Renegades last summer and wrote about why I believe they are better than the competition, so lets talk about what sets the Revolts apart.

4KO®snow LenseS

Sungod have developed advanced lenses that enhance the contrast and optimise clarity in all conditions. At the time of writing, Sungod offer a choice of 6 refined lens tints that exceed European and American standards by filtering 100% of UVA and UVB rays, and are engineered to maximise performance and enjoyment on the mountain.

All the lenses provide a dual-layer spherical lenses offering unrestricted peripheral vision of your surroundings as well as a triple layer of scratch resistant (not to be confused with scratch proof) coating and an anti-reflective inner lens coating to reduce glare.

Polycarbonate dual layer Spherical Lens

To top it off the lenses are interchangeable via an easy-switch lens system meaning you won’t lose time changing your lenses off the slopes when the conditions change.

Super Flexible Frames

You may already know that all the Sungod sunglasses models are ridiculously flexible and durable as demonstrated in the below GIF and rest assured that the Sungod Revolt frames are made with the same super-flexible TPU and form perfectly to the face.

The frames contain an advanced active vent system that optimises the airflow through 3 foam-lined upper vents and 16 circular lens vents so that you don’t need to worry about running into inanimate objects due to lens fog…story for another time.

Revolt Customisation

Want a pink lens? they’ve got it, Mint colour frame? that too! On the Sungod online shop you will be able to choose from 4 different frame colours, 6 lens tints and 10 different strap designs resulting in 240 unique combinations.

And if that isn’t enough, or if you just couldn’t possibly stand having the same lens as someone else, Sungod sell parts separately. You can order a second lens in order to adapt when the conditions change or even a different strap to match a new helmet.

There is no minimum order or setup fee to customise the Sungod Revolts and they ship the same day if you order before 2PM BST for those of you who always seem to forget your goggles at home.


Sungod provided me with this pair of custom Revolts with the green lens which is ideal in sunny/cloudy conditions and even though I am no expert in Ski Goggles and that we’ve had a bad start of the year for snow down here in the south of France, I was still able to make it up into the Pyrenees to test the mask.

I can for sure say that they were more comfortable than any mask I have ever used before and I had absolutely no problems with fog or glare. As for vision, it really reduced the light reflection off the snow (no more bloodshot eyes) and emphasised the dips and bumps in the snow which otherwise looked flat to the naked eye. After wearing the mask for roughly 40 minutes, I didn’t notice any discomforts or marks from the mask even though I had made it very tight.

I also think that the mask looks awesome, in a world where bezels are forever being reduced, the Sungod Revolts are ahead of the game. If you think I have missed anything from the article or have a question then don’t hesitate leaving a comment below or get in touch via Twitter.

Revolts are available for £95.00 on the Sungod website but follow me on Twitter for occasional 20% off codes.

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