Audiomax EM-7A Earphones Review

I decided to write this style of post after receiving a pair of Avantek Audiomax EM-7A Earphones by mail and being blow away by the quality. I don’t generally use Earphones but I will definitely keep a pair of these space-savers in my bag for a rainy day.

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones

Budget Earphones

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones are currently on the Amazon store for £10.99. Normally at this price point I would expect a poorly built pair of earphones but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

The earphones come in a very nicely presented box with a cardboard sleeve providing all the relevant product information.

The cable is long and flat, the control buttons are encased in plastic and the earphones themselves are surrounded in what feels like a quality metal.

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones

The box contains a hard shell carry case with the Earphones, two spare pairs of earbuds and a user instruction manual nicely packed inside.

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones
A very ‘beats’ looking hard shell case.

Multi Function

Like a lot of earphones these days, the Audiomax EM-7A can be used to accept incoming calls, activate Siri, navigate music and regulate the volume, that is presuming you use them with an iPhone.

A single press of the control button pauses or unpauses the music, two presses in quick succession skips to the next track and 3 presses jumps back to the previous track.

One thing I have noticed is that the volume slider on the earphone cable is independent to the volume of the iPhone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can simply set a max volume on the iPhone (80% for example) and then adjust within that range using the slider.

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones

Satisfying Specs

I’m not an audiophile myself but I think the sound quality is very impressive, I heard no distortion when playing back from my iPhone but I will leave it to debate in the comments section below.

The Earphones sensitivity is 90 dB give or take 3 dB with an impedance of 16 Ohms give or take 15%, the frequency sits at 20 Hz – 20 KHz and the cord length is 1.2M.

Audiomax EM-7A Earphones

As previously mentioned the Audiomax EM-7A In Ear Stereo Headphones are available on Amazon for £10.99.

If you have any questions then simply leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this review then I’d appreciate it if you could share it and I hope to see you again soon on !


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