Aukey 3 in 1 Phone Lens Kit Review

My friends over at Aukey recently sent me their 3 in 1 Lens Kit containing a wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a Fisheye lens, I’ve been testing them for about a week now and had a lot of fun with them and as such I can definitely recommend them.

Go Green With Aukey

The 3-in-1 Lens Kit, comes in a recycled cardboard box with the Aukey logo, the product name, the model number: PL-A1 and a large photo of the product in use on a mobile device (which looks like an iPhone to me).

Aukey-3-in-1-Lens-Kit (3)

On the back at the top is a small diagram to explain which lens is used for each photo style with brief instructions, on the bottom is the Aukey contact information and a QR code leading the Aukey website.

Phone Lens Kit

The lens kit is designed to be used with mobile devices, and in my case I have used the lenses on an iPhone 6 Plus.


Each lens sits in a plastic holder that clips on to the phone and can be manoeuvred over the lens to change the photo style.


Generally the lenses are designed to be used on the rear facing camera of mobile devices but I found these Aukey lenses to actually work rather well on the front facing camera of my iPhone.

Wide Angles

The first lens I picked out the box was the wide-angle lens, I popped it on the iPhone and opened the camera app and actually thought it wasn’t working, until I tried to take it off again.

When I took the lens back off to diagnose I realised just how much the lens had increased the field of view, I had gained a few percent and suddenly objects seemed slightly further away.

Here is a shot without using the wide-angle lens:

iPhone Lens

and the same shot with the Aukey wide-angle lens attached:

Wide Angle

It almost looks like I had taken a step back to take the photo even though the phone was in exactly the same spot.

The wide-angle lens is great for photos in tight spaces, taking pictures of rooms for example or trying to fit many people in to one photo.

Macro Shots

Normally when trying to take a close up shot on your iPhone you will notice the focus zoom in and out, that is the iPhone trying to track focus, but it can’t.

This behaviour is actually quite similar to the human eye, if you look at your finger from about 5cm away then you should be able to make out the detail in your fingerprint, however if you move your finger closer it begins to blur.

When using a macro lens, the opposite becomes true. The lens cannot focus from far away and becomes clearer the closer you get.

Here is a shot I took of my Apple Watch digital crown with the Aukey macro lens on my iPhone:


I tried to take the same photo after without a lens but could not get the phone to focus that close.

A macro lens is great for taking photos of objects that are too small or have small detail that can’t be captured by a normal lens such as textiles and insects.


Fisheye lenses are great fun and are used a lot in action videos, a fish eye lens is normally more spherical than other lenses and as such the images they produce are deformed.

Here is the same photo you saw earlier with a fish eye lens:


As you can see, all the straight lines in the photo are warped and seem curved, but the Fisheye is great for sports videos such as Snowboarding and Surfing.

Could it be better?

If I was to criticize something on this lens it would have to be the lack of protection on the back of the lens, the front have plastic lens caps which simply push on but the rear of the lens is open to the elements and I think this is something that Aukey could easily fix.

Other than that I am pretty happy with these lenses, they add a couple more dimensions to my photography without too much hassle.

I have never used phone lenses before such as the Olloclip, which many people have recommended, but for £11.99 these Aukey lenses are a great way to start shooting new style photos on your phone before moving on to bigger, more expensive products.

You can buy the Aukey 3 in 1 Phone Lens Kit on Amazon for £11.99.

As always thanks for reading, if you have any questions just drop them in the comments section below and make sure to share on all the social places.



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