Aukey Aglaia LED Desk Lamp Review

I honestly never thought that I would be presenting a lamp on the blog but the Aglaia LED Desk Lamp from Aukey has a few particularities that set it a part.

Not Just Any Lamp

Out of the box, you will find the base, the rotating arm and a circular screw which is used when assembling the lamp to fix the arm to the base.


At the bottom of the arm, you may have noticed one of the key features of this lamp : a touch sensitive panel to operate the lamp and select different lighting modes.


As you can see below, there are 4 different modes, each corresponding to a particular color of light with 5 different brightness levels.

The light goes from an ice-cold white light ideal for studying right down to a very warm yellow light to help induce sleep, which combined with the 60 minute countdown timer makes for an excellent night-light.


I don’t necessarily agree with the choice of material, as the glossy black plastic is prone to finger marks but I guess that I shouldn’t be touching it too much unless making adjustments to the rotating arms.

Other than that, the lamp feels rather solid and well-built and there is no way that it could be accidentally knocked over. There is also enough room on the base to place items, but we’ll get to that a bit later.


Not only is this lamp good at lighting a desk, with 4 different pivot points it can be manipulated to light pretty much anywhere but the ceiling.

I have found this particularly helpful when moving around on my desk and/or to illuminate objects for photos.


USB Convenience

If you have as many devices/gadgets as I do then you must know that you can never have too many USB charging ports, and I really appreciate the fact that Aukey have included one on the side of the Aglaia LED Desk Lamp.

It’s convenient to have a 2A charging port on my desk without it being an eyesore, when not in use the USB port is hardly visible.


Although including 48 unique LED’s and a USB port, the Aglaia only consumes 15W of energy in exchange for a powerful light output, which you can witness in the photo below taken in pitch black.


If you would like to buy the Aukey Aglaia LED Desk Lamp, it is available on Amazon UK for £28.99.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, then the comment section below is there to help. If you enjoyed this article or think that it could help someone then please don’t hesitate to share it.


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