Avantek Bluetooth Activity Tracker Review

Activity Trackers have really took the technology scene by storm in recent years, everyone I know has a activity tracking device of some sort, today I am reviewing the AVANTEK Bluetooth Activity Tracker for iPhone (iOS 7.0 +).

*This device is not compatible with Android Devices.

Simple but effective

The Avantek activity tracker comes simply packaged in a plastic box, comparable to most well-known activity trackers on the market, product features are splashed all around the box with the activity tracker itself cleanly displayed at the front of the box.

I recently saw the new Garmin Vivosmart HR announced and it actually looks pretty similar to this fitness tracker.


I will admit that for this product I had to take a good look at the instruction manual as the tracker only has a single button and at least 10 different modes.

To make life simple, I thought the best thing would be to link the activity tracker to my iPhone through Bluetooth and see if I could configure the tracker from the app.


No word of a lie, I downloaded the Avantek Sport app on the iPhone store, I opened the app and it instantly jumped to the ‘Device’ screen displaying the activity tracker.

I selected the device and within a second the tracker vibrated and indicated that it was paired with the iPhone.

Ideally, after pairing the first thing you should do is set up your personal profile from within the app through the settings screen.


This will allow the app to produce more accurate activity statistics.

What does it do ?

The Avantek fitness tracker has a rather full feature list and there is only a couple of points I will fault it on, but they are more to do with the iPhone app and not the band itself, but we will get to that later.

Allowing you check the date and time aside, the bracelet is able to track steps, monitor target completion, calculate calories burned and measure the distance travelled within the day.


You may also track your sleep quality by putting the bracelet into the right mode by holding the button down for 5 seconds, you are able to check how long and how well you slept within the iPhone app and can wake you up in the morning with a silent vibrating alarm if required.

Last of all, most of us become complacent after a couple of weeks of sport, the tracker can be configured to remind you to workout at preset times or intervals.

Tracked information and statistics can be seen on the bracelet itself but it is easier to use the iPhone app, opening the app reveals the simple steps tracked screen giving you the most basic breakdown of your day.


By pressing on the charts icon in the top right corner of the screen, you will reach the more in-depth stats of the day in the form of steps over time, calories over time and distance over time.

You can change the front screen information by pressing on the pie chart icon above each tab.


Selecting the moon at the bottom of the screen reveals the sleep tracking page as seen below, unfortunately I can’t sleep with anything on my wrists so I haven’t been able to test this but I believe the screen to be self-explanatory.


A mobile device is not required to use this activity tracker but is recommended to use the tracker more effectively and access the data more efficiently.

I Use AndroiD/windows OS

Shame on you ! Of course I’m joking but I have used Apple devices for a very long time and although I am always up for testing new Android or Windows devices, I am still not converted.

If you are using an Android device or any other OS other than iOS, this activity tracker will not be able to sync with your mobile device.

All is not lost, you will still be able to track your activity but it will be on a daily basis and not recorded, you will also lose a lot of the features but it is still a good basic activity tracker depending on needs.


Pet Peeves

Although the iPhone app has a nice feature set, it is missing support for the iPhone 6S screen which makes everything huge on the screen, it also does not integrate with the iOS Health app.

These may not a necessity for a lot of people, but I have an app OCD which would stop me using the product for these reasons.

Stocking Filler

The tracker itself is very light weight with a TPE strap to fit wrist circumferences from 140mm to 185mm. A 0.91 Inch OLED screen display allows easy reading even in direct sunlight.

Battery life is boasted at 10 days, and although I haven’t used it for 10 days yet, it is still well over 25% after 6 days, even when the battery is drained it only requires 30-60 minutes to fully recharge.


As we approach the winter holidays, I think this product would make an excellent stocking filler for the sporty family member or friend.

The Avantek Bluetooth Activity Tracker is available from Amazon for £36.99

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this article in the comment section below, and thanks in advance for sharing on social networks.


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