Cashback with Quidco

If you often shop online or with a credit or debit card at your local shops then you should probably consider using Quidco.

Quidco is an internet site that rewards you with a percentage cashback on purchases when shopping at partner retailers.

As an example, if you spent £10 with a participating retailer offering 10% cashback, your Quidco account would be credited with £1 cashback.

Free Money?

Generally, the first question they ask when hearing about Quidco is how and why, and to be honest it is pretty simple.

Retailers pay Quidco a commission when generating sales through the Quidco website and the commission minus a small fee is passed on to us, the consumers. Have a look at this next video for a better explanation.

There are multiple ways to qualify for cashback using Quidco, the simplest however is to use the Quidco website to find the desired retailer and clicking on the ‘visit retailer & get cashback’ link.

This will install a tracking cookie in your web browser that tells the website you have come from Quidco which is used to confirm the cashback.


The next possibility is to store your credit/debit card numbers on the Quidco website, all purchases on the linked credit/debit card from thereon after will automatically earn cashback with qualifying retailers.


Please note that Quidco do not require the credit/debit card security number and that they have been assessed as meeting the requirements for compliance with the Payment Card industry data standards. Details here

Quidco also offer a browser plugin compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari which will actually alert you when visiting a site that offers cashback alerting you to use the Quidco link to track the sale. Install it here after signing up

There’s always a but

If you are using an ad-blocker (that blocks tracking) or a tracking blocker with your web browser, you will need to disable it or whitelist the Quidco website and the participating retailer sites.

The tracking cookies used by Quidco are generally removed/blocked by these add-ons and as a result the cashback cannot be tracked or validated.

Also, it is worth noting that cashback cannot be tracked when using Apple Pay or Google Pay down to the security protocols they use.

My Cashback

Personally I have used Quidco since November 2014 and I have already managed to earn 442.77 in cashback, having not actually paid too much attention to the site.


I have recently installed the Quidco Cashback Reminder plugin on my laptop and work computer and hope to start earning more cashback more often and I also added my bank cards to the site to be eligible for in-store cashback.

Paying Cashback

Cashback is paid on demand or automatically depending on the choice of the user, it can be paid via bank transfer, Paypal or Amazon gift voucher with a 2% payout bonus.


I tend to wait for a substantial sum before requesting a payout in order to use it for something meaningful.

When signing up, I recommend opting for a premium account to qualify for faster paying cashback, a premium live support (I can attest that it is instant chat with a UK advisor), no advertisement on the Quidco website and bespoke promotions and loyalty bonuses.

£2 Free Cashback

If you are interested in using Quidco, use this link to sign up to qualify for £2.50 free cashback when you have earned at least £5.


If you are already using Quidco then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let others know how much you’ve earned/saved.

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