Dicota Active Backpack Review

This weekend I was in London with French blogger Bob Jouy, and it was the perfect opportunity to test a few products that I had saved for a ‘rainy’ day. First up we have the Active Backpack from Dicota.

Dicota are an international company that supply all kinds of quality bags, cases and accessories but we all know that I’m only interested in the ones that hold laptops and other devices.

Premium Backpack with Sport Design

What initially drew my attention to the bag was the sporty look with blue accent zippers, and when I saw all the pockets inside for laptops, batteries, headphones, cables, etc I was sold.


The multitude of pockets in the front pouch come in different combinations of sizes with cable management tabs to keep things tidy.

There is even two more pockets on the front face of the active backpack which I guess will be primarily used for easy-access items or other small accessories.


Computers, tablets and other large flat devices can be stored in the hidden notebook compartment on the rear of the backpack, as you can see below I had no trouble fitting in an iPad Pro with a Macbook.


A lot of people would not notice the security pocket invisibly sewn into the breathable rear padding, ideal for important items and documents i.e. Keys and Passport.


I see the active backpack as a great plane companion, it includes compression straps on either side to reduce the size of the bag and generous elastic side pockets for bottles, umbrellas or other open access items.

I’m very confident that the backpack is padded enough to adequately protect any of the expensive items you might consider taking on your travels.



I mentioned at the beginning of the article that I used this backpack while walking around London all weekend, and I can honestly say that it was very comfortable.

Generally, after extended use of a backpack, I suffer from a few problems such as shoulder cramps, a sweaty back and red marks from rubbing. I am yet to suffer any of these problems using the Dicota Active Backpack.

I believe it is down to the comfortable padded shoulder straps and ergonomic back cushioning that I didn’t experience any discomfort.


Functionality before beauty

All in all I think that the Dicota Active Backpack is a great looking bag complimented by its functionality and protection.

The bag is made from a lightweight, hard wearing polyester with a lifetime guarantee just in case you had any doubts.

You can buy the Dicota Active Backpack on Amazon for £48.52 in the blue colour as seen above, or £50.10 for the Magenta model.

Thanks for reading and sharing if you appreciated the article, leave a comment below if you have any questions or give me a shout on Twitter.


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