Everdock Universal Dock Review

After discovering Everdock through a friend, I decided to get in touch with Fez Designs, and ultimately buy Everdock Universal Dock and Everdock Duo. After a couple of days of use, I’m really happy with it, and want to share my experience with you.

Everdock is a modular docking station compatible with almost any mobile phones and/or tablet using micro USB, 30-pin connector or lightning cables.

Everdock Universal Dock Contents

In the box, you’ll find Everdock in a nice foam casing. Neatly packed behind it, you’ll discover a micro-USB cable especially designed to fit Everdock, a plastic adapter required for Apple lightning cables, and two silicone tabs which can be swapped around to make the dock compatible with pretty much all phone cases.

The only dock you’ll ever need

Everdock works out of the box with all micro-USB mobile devices thanks to the micro-USB cable supplied. Due to the nature of Apple, the Everdock can’t be supplied with a lightning cable or 30 pin connector, so it is necessary to buy one separately to use with the dock.

On Füz Designs online shop you can order accessories for the dock, making it possible to use cheaper lightning cables created by third-party suppliers (such as the AmazonBasics MFI Lightning Cable).

Futuristic Design

The problem with existing docks is that they become obsolete as soon as a new device or charging port is released. Also, they can’t charge multiple devices at once, they lift up unless using two hands to undock, they don’t have great compatibility with cases… or they’re simply made with cheap materials.

Everdock is different. The silicone tab provided allow different size cases to be used with the dock, and the modular design allows the cable to be changed to whichever cable you need for your device.When undocking your device you can simply use two fingers to remove. The micro suction technology used on the bottom of the dock makes sure that the dock doesn’t lift with the device or fall over when knocked.

Most docks require screws and complicated assembly to set up, but Everdock is rather simple and requires 3 simple steps.

1. Threading the cable through the body of the dock.
1. Threading the cable through the body of the dock.
Everdock Universal Dock Seating Adapter
2. Seating the cable in the adapter
3. Firmly pushing the cable into the cable channel.
3. Firmly pushing the cable into the cable channel.

Once the dock is set up, you can decide if you want to use one of the supplied silicon tabs or not depending on the size of your device and ultimately your case if you use one.  Everdock GifEverdock has a great viewing angle for Facetime calls or reading blogs (such as this one) and would ideally sit on your desk or bedside table, but can ultimately be set up anywhere.

Everdock Universal Dock Viewing Angle

The Everdock is available on the Fuz Design store for 49.99 USD + Shipping.

If you have any questions then simply leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this review then I’d appreciate it if you could share it and I hope to see you again soon on !


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