Jackery Pop & Fit Portable Charger Review

After being caught out once or twice with no battery on my phone, I literally jumped at the opportunity to review the Pop and Fit Premium Portable Chargers provided to me by Jackery.


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A portable charger is a rechargeable external battery used to charge your phone, headphones or practically any other device powered through USB.


Jackery Pop

Lets start things off with the Jackery Pop, it comes nicely packaged with a branded box and a white sleeve with all the product information. Inside, you’ll find the Jackery Pop Portable Charger, a micro-USB cable, a user guide and a small card with warranty information.


The Pop is the smaller of the two devices. The Jackery Pop is a portable charger with a 5,200mAh capacity and two 5V/1.0A USB2.0 output ports (the packaging suggests 2.1A fast charging which I will verify and update the article accordingly).


The Pop has an orange aluminium body with the Jackery logo nicely printed in one corner and 4 small holes neatly lined up which reveal the remaining charge of the battery when turned on (1 hole lit up = 25% charged).

It fits nicely in the hand and can be quite easily transported in a pocket, coming in at 3.8 x 1.8 x 0.9 (inches) and roughly 156 grams.

On either end of the portable charger there is white plastic caps, one side houses the USB output ports and a single micro-USB input port whilst the other has printed information such as battery capacity and device standards approval.

There is a single button on the left hand side of the battery which can be used to power on the device and check the remaining charge.


Jackery have also claimed a charge retention of 6 months, which I’m not even considering testing as I don’t see the benefit of the feature.

When testing the Jackery Pop it took about 5 hours to fully charge and I was able to get slightly more than a full charge and a half on my iPhone 6 Plus which has a capacity of 2,915mAh.

JACKERY Fit Premium

Of the two devices, the Jackery Fit Premium seems the bigger brother with a capacity of 9,000mAh and a single 5V/2.1A USB port output, it came to me without retail packaging so I can’t make a comment there.


The Fit Premium is about a third bigger than the Jackery Pop which with a greater capacity is understandable, it has a silver aluminium body with the same Jackery logo printed in the corner and 3 slits to reveal the remaining batter when turned on (1 slit lit up = 33% charged).


On either end there is the same white plastic, one side houses a single USB output port, a single micro-USB input port and a small gimmick LED flash light. On the other end you will once again find the capacity information and all device standard approval logos. Unique to the Fit Premium is a final clear glossy plastic finish covering the matt white plastic.

It feels more like a phone to hold in one hand as it is wider and has rounded sides, but again can be easily transported in a pocket coming in at 3.9 x 2.5 x 0.8 (inches) and 207 grams.

Again on the side of the device is single button used to power up the portable charger, check the chargers remaining charge and a fast double click also lights up the LED.

When testing the Jackery Fit Premium in real life conditions it took roughly 7 hours to fully charge but can’t be to precise as I left it to charge overnight. It provided more than 3 full recharges of my iPhone 6 Plus with a 2,915mAh battery.


I don’t think either of the two is technically better than the other but there are a few things to consider when deciding which one to buy.

The Pop is slightly smaller than the Fit and is ultimately more portable which would be enough for most people, however if you were looking for multiple recharges or recharging larger devices such as an iPad then you should definitely favour the Fit.


Both Jackery portable chargers are available on Amazon UK, the Pop is available for £11.99 and the Fit is available for 15.99.

As always, thanks for reading and sharing on all social networks, I will answer any question in the comments section below.


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  1. My hackery pop has been recharging for over four hours and is still on the first bIinking led. Must be broken. Barely charged it once. Anyone have suggestions?

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