Lionbay HD Action Camera Review

I was very excited to receive the Lionbay HD Action Camera last week, you may have noticed that it looks a lot like a Go Pro and I really wanted to see if it performed like one.

Lots of things

I can’t honestly say I was blown away by the packaging of the Lionbay Action Camera but when I managed to get it open I was very impressed by the multitude of accessories supplied with the camera.

Within minutes of opening the box the user can set up and film in many scenarios without the need of purchasing expensive accessories, usually sold separately.


As you can see in the picture below, the camera is supplied with a waterproof case, USB cable, charger, screws and tools, instruction manual, helmet mount, helmet belt, handlebar seat-post mount and a cleaning cloth.


Modern Specs?

The camera is able to film in Full HD (1080P) at 30 frames per second, it has a 170 degree 12MP wide angle lens and is waterproof up to 30M.

On the back you will find a 1.5″ LED screen, a very welcome feature, powered by a 900mAH battery good for an 90 minutes of recording.


The camera uses Micro SD cards up to 32GB, it may work with a 64GB card but I haven’t been able to test that yet.

It is a small camera coming in at (LxWxH) 59.3 x 29.3 x 41.1 mm, with two buttons on the side allowing to change all camera settings and modes.


Video Quality

When buying a video camera, the video quality should be somewhere high up in the criteria, and I have to say that this camera dishes out a nice image for casual action filming.

As with most things in life, it all comes down to personal preference and taste so here is a sample video recorded by my brother-in-law last weekend while surfing at 720p.

Do not forget that Youtube compresses videos which leads to a slight deterioration of the video, and don’t forget to set the quality to 720.

As you can see it has a clean image that may deteriorate slightly when subjected to a lot of motion but overall good enough for non professionals.

The camera also offers a slow motion mode, but I don’t think the quality is up to scratch especially as I believe it to be a digital slow motion, meaning it is filmed in 30fps and then slowed down in post.

Go Pro or Don’t Go Pro?

I think that the real question that will be asked when looking at a camera like this is how it compares to a Go Pro, and a couple of really simple questions will help you decide.

This Lionbay HD Camera retails for £47, achieving equivalent features with a GoPro camera you would need to splash out over £174.99 which equates to a GoPro HERO with a GoPro LCD Touch BacPac.

You would then also need to find at least another £50 for the accessories required bringing the total up to £200 +.


If you are looking for a camera to control remotely with a remote or with your phone then you will need to look towards the higher-end GoPro models which feature WiFi and Bluetooth.

Lionbay have included WiFi in their action camera which can be used to connect to a mobile device to record and control the camera remotely.


Lastly, if 4K video is something  you need then again you would look to the higher-end GoPro models, as the base HERO model much like the Lionbay Action Camera does not feature 4K video.

Go Lionbay

In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a HD action camera and you are not prepared to spend the money for the newer high range GoPro cameras which retail above £400, then you should definitely consider purchasing the Lionbay HD Action Camera.

I believe that at this point in time, the Lionbay camera is superior and more feature packed than the GoPro base models, and is a lot better value for your money.

The Lionbay HD camera is available on Amazon for £47 and in different colours if yellow doesn’t float your boat, also it would make a great christmas present for any sports enthusiast.

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