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When I started my Paleo diet I couldn’t find anywhere local to buy grass fed organic meat so as any stuck technophile would do I took to Google. I stumbled upon Musclefood, which has a rather misleading name to be honest as its not only for body-builders, and instantly found the kind of products I was looking for and more.

Musclefood: Premium nutrition for healthy living

I instantly noticed the company slogan at the top of the site ‘Premium nutrition for a healthy living’ which definitely made me curious as to whether it was pure marketing or a genuine intention of the company. After slowly sifting through each category there were a few items that I wanted to try and placed an order for 5KG of Chicken Breast, 10 grass fed sirloin steaks and a few other miscellaneous items such as passion fruits. I paid £83 for my first order which I’m not used to doing at my local supermarket but after a quick bit of maths I worked out that I was buying my food cheaper.

The 5KG of chicken breast cost only £25, which works out at £5/kilo which I haven’t been able to find any cheaper anywhere else and I wont even bother to compare the grass fed organic sirloin steaks as I couldn’t find these anywhere else than online. When comparing the products on price you don’t really get the full story as quality plays a big part in what I buy or don’t buy.

Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

The obvious worry when ordering anything on the internet is that the product might show up at the door not looking like the product you thought you were buying based on the photo. In this case that was true but fortunately the product looked better than what I expected, the product description mentioned that the chickens are generally 56 days old at slaughter resulting in them being larger than battery chickens and the breasts are definitely at least double the size of supermarket standard which might be down to, in Musclefood’s word:

They also have no added water or salt!

Chicken recently unfrozen.
Chicken recently unfrozen.

I did my due diligence before completing my order and checked what other people had to say about the Musclefood products and one particular complaint caught my eye, the chicken normally comes in a gas flushed vacuum bag and this particular person noticed a weird smell when opening. I have to say that I paid particular attention to this when opening and didn’t notice a thing after the initial couple of seconds of gas release.

I tried some Chicken the same evening that I received it with a hint of Brazilian spices and it was absolutely gorgeous, I cooked it in my brand new Tefal OptiGrill using its built in poultry timer and the Chicken was cooked to perfection, it was tasty, juicy and soft (all in a good way).

Irish Grass Fed Sirloins

The Irish grass fed steaks come in packs of two and to be honest I was disappointed with the size of the steaks, until I opened them. I left a couple of steaks to defrost when I received them and until I opened them they still seemed quite small, however after being opened and left out for a couple of minutes they expanded to a larger size. Something else I noticed was the colour, on delivery the steaks were very dark red/brown colour which I believe to be a good sign that the meat was freshly cut and sealed, again after leaving out for a couple of minutes they became bright red with the oxygen.

Sirloin Steak vacuumed and frozen.
Sirloin Steak vacuumed and frozen.

Don’t get me wrong, the Sirloin steaks were delicious but the couple of rump steaks I added to my order were simply amazing with next to no fat. They too were juicy and very tender, I will definitely be adding more to my next order.

Keeping it fresh

One of the most annoying tasks when preparing meat is cutting of any bad bits or trimming the fat, but that’s no longer a problem with Musclefood as they do all that for you when preparing your order.

Another concern when ordering bulk quantity meat is storing it and keeping it as fresh as possible, and when you place an order with Musclefood they freeze the meat and seal it in an insulated protective wrap with ice bags which then sits in a ‘temperature control bag’ and finally in a box.

Musclefood delivery box.
Musclefood delivery box.

I was confident that the meat would come cold as promised and I wasn’t let down, the steaks were all still frozen on delivery and the chicken was around 3-4 degrees which made it easy to unbag and transfer the breasts by pairs into freezer storage bags ready to take out and defrost each day as necessary.

Easy !

As well as tasting awesome, using Musclefood has made it really easy for me to plan and prepare my meals each day, I simply choose in the morning what I want to eat at midday and in the evening and take it out of the freezer to defrost. When I get back in from work I throw the defrosted meat on to the grill and a mix of vegetables into the steamer to make a really tasty meal.

Another great think about Musclefood is their support, they are a small family run company and rely solely on reviews like this one here so its great to see that their support is great. I had a problem with my brothers order and they replied and sorted the problem within a couple of hours.

If you are considering testing Musclefood which I highly recommend, then why not use my referral link and get yourself some freebies or use PF219108 as a coupon code at checkout, and for the sake of transparency I will earn points.


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