Freeletics First Week Review

by Peter Fields

I originally signed up for Freeletics just over a year ago for their nutrition guide, to be honest I didn’t really understand the workout side of things so I didn’t bother trying it. Only recently did I decide to combine a new diet way of eating with a structured Freeletics plan and after a couple of weeks I’m really enjoying it and am seeing/feeling results.

What is Freeletics?

Freeletics is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program that can be carried out just about anywhere that you can find 4 square meters of space….seriously that’s probably less than the size of your bed! Anyone that joins Freeletics instantly becomes a ‘Free Athlete’ and is liberated from Gyms, Weights, Ropes, Kettle Bells or any other fitness accessories that strike fear into the eyes of newbies.

Freeletics relies on a few 10-40 minute HIIT sessions a week combined with better nutrition to help you lose weight and build lean muscle (Women read on).

Your own personal Coach

As with pretty much everything online these days Freeletics offers both free and paid subscription plans, the free plan gives access to a multitude of workouts but with no real structure whereas the paid subscription offers a coach that will create a flexible workout plan depending on your weight, height, the amount of times a week you would like to train and most importantly your current ability.

Before you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your workouts and possibly overtraining, the coach makes you do as many reps as possible in 3 different exercises in a specific amount of time in order to evaluate your current ability and adapt the training programs to you.

From there on each week you will have to finish your training program to the best of your ability and inform the coach if it was too easy, too hard, or ‘hard, but ok’ before moving on to the next weeks training.

Freeletics Hyperion Workout

An example of a Freeletics workout.

Don’t be scared girls!

I was initially pleasantly surprised by the amount of active women on Freeletics, many women have the false impression that these kind of workouts will cause them to become Hulk like with huge muscles which is not true, I mean just check out Vanessa Gebhardt who is topping the multi-sex leader board at level 59. Women produce a lot less Testosterone than Men which is the biggest contributor to building and maintaining muscle.

Leader Board?

Some of you may have picked up on me mentioning a leader board in the last paragraph, so whats that all about? Well Freeletics is very community based and the idea is to find a Freeletics group in your area using the site search tools or on Facebook. Each training completed earns you points which help to increase your level, a very fun way to compete against friends or people in your area, but fear not, this is not compulsory. If you don’t add any friends you can quietly work out in your corner with no competition or you can even compete against yourself, it’s just a fun motivation tool in my opinion.

Another way to keep motivated is timed training sessions, using your phone you can keep track of the next set of reps and how long the sessions take. After you complete a set of reps you simply press on the clock to move on to the next set of reps, at the end of each session you can see how long it took to complete the session and compare it with previous efforts.

My first impressions

My first session made me feel as if I was going to die, and that was only after the first set of reps. I completed it in just over ten minutes and was very tired for about 30 minutes afterwards but then for the rest of the day I honestly felt amazing. Again it could have been the nutrition.

The second session was a big step up compared to the first and I really had to dig in, but thankfully my wife was there to push me.

Every session would result in a 30 minute downtime recuperation but then leaving me feel really good for the rest of the day (unless you start snacking on rubbish).

I have been using Freeletics for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I do feel good in general with a lot more energy, and whether it’s down to the improved nutrition or the different kind of exercise (I used to run) I can’t be sure for the moment but I definitely want to continue for the time being.

I’m in!

Hopefully I’ve given you enough to at least make you want to try a couple of weeks training, and I’m confident that it will make you feel good enough to want to continue.

If that’s the case then use my Freeletics referral code and we both get two weeks added to our subscriptions.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Freeletics, make sure to add me Peter Fields and let me know if you’re in the area and we can workout together.

I want to read more…

Cool! I’m going to continue with Freeletics and my nutrition plan for the foreseeable future and I hope to continue sharing my story with you guys, I’m really looking forward to answer your questions in the comments section below so please don’t be shy, even if it’s only vaguely related to the article subject.

Freeletics have released a new application on the App Store called Gym – which I guess is rather self explanatory. Check it out here.

Update 2017: To help people accomplish their new years resolutions 2017, Freeletics are currently offering 30% off all new subscriptions and don’t forget to use the url to get 2 weeks free.

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