Native Union Apple Watch Docks Review

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch Dock then have a look at these two models from Native Union, they’ve certainly won a place on my beside table and office desk.

Native Union are a French born company, and they kindly sent me the DOCK and ANCHOR to review and share with you guys, lets take a look.



Native Union’s ‘DOCK for Apple Watch’ is the more expensive of the two models at £49.99, it’s the first Apple Watch dock I know of that is compatible with the Watch in portrait and horizontal (Nightstand) mode.

The DOCK is very easy to assemble, it is delivered as two parts which connect with a strong magnet once the Apple Watch charger has been installed.


This enables the cylinder part to rotate, the Apple Watch can then be turned to be displayed at any angle.


Turning the DOCK at any time will enable the Nightstand mode on the Apple Watch, the Watch effectively becomes a bedside alarm clock, touching the screen will display the time, date and battery percentage.



A second, cheaper option is also sold by Native Union, the auto-logically named Anchor literally anchors the Apple Watch charger to wherever you want it to stay.

Generally if you place the standard Apple Watch charger on a table not attached to an Apple Watch, it will move or is easily knocked, whereas the ANCHOR weighs the charger down and keeps it still.


The ANCHOR is also delivered as two parts, a zinc alloy top and a non-slip silicon base, they simply pull apart to allow the Apple Watch charger to be installed before pushing back together.


One inconvenience of using the ANCHOR is that it’s not compatible with the Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet Straps, but you could still use the DOCK.


In many ways the docks are much like Apple products, they are simple, considered and beautiful at the same time, however they primarily emphasise the beauty of the products they’re designed for.

Both products are made out of high quality materials, when unboxing the DOCK I was actually shocked at how good the silicone base felt.

Native Union also design cables, cases and speakers all of which can be found on their website

The DOCK for Apple Watch is available on Amazon for £49.99 and the Anchor for £24.99.

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