Adios Ad Blocker for iOS 9

You may or may not have already heard, but one of the big features arriving on the 9th September with the newest iteration of iOS is the ability to use Ad…

Twist Plus+ World Charging Station Review

How does charging 4 different USB devices at the same time sound, now add in a Magsafe connection to charge all modern MacBooks and a ‘Twist & Release’ plug that…

MuscleFood Ice Bags

Musclefood Review

When I started my Paleo diet I couldn’t find anywhere local to buy grass fed organic meat so as any stuck technophile would do I took to Google. I stumbled…

Paleo : The Next Big Thing

How many of you have tried fad diets that had you counting calories or eating next to nothing in order to lose weight which would eventually find its way back?…

Freeletics Review: Week 1

I originally signed up for Freeletics just over a year ago for their nutrition guide, to be honest I didn’t really understand the workout side of things so I didn’t…

Quad Lock iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

Last year I posted an in-depth review of the Quad Lock case for the iPhone 5S, which you can find here, and recently Annex Products released the newest case in their line up for the iPhone 6 Plus. I wont bother with an in depth review as the information from the previous article is all still relevant, I will just talk about any changes, improvements or anything that I feel could be better.

Garmin Edge 800 In-Depth Review

I recently started riding road bikes and whilst Strava managed to keep my times, speed and distances quite efficiently, I needed more, I ordered a Garmin Edge 800 from Amazon complete with maps, heart rate monitor and cadence sensor hoping I could one day compete the tour de France, or more realistically the tour de Balma (thats where I live by the way).

Quad Lock iPhone 5S Case Review

After paying so much for my Apple iPhone 5S, I naturally wanted to keep it protected and as I am quite ‘connected’, I like to have an iPhone mount in my car, on my bike for emergencies and on my arm for running or working out. With that in mind I set out on my search. I somehow missed it but a great project was funded in January 2012 on the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The Quad Lock was originally made for the iPhone 4S but since being funded they have launched many accessories and different cases, notably a case for the iPhone 5S along with a bike mount, car mount, armband and universal mounts for any surface.