Quad Lock iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

Last year I posted an in-depth review of the Quad Lock case for the iPhone 5S, which you can find here, and recently Annex Products released the newest case in their line up for the iPhone 6 Plus. I wont bother with an in depth review as the information from the previous article is all still relevant, I will just talk about any changes, improvements or anything that I feel could be better.

Now If you haven’t heard of the Quad Lock I will briefly fill you in, the guys at Annex Products invented a phone case with a proprietary locking mechanism on the back which allows you to lock your phone to your bike, your car, your arm or just about anything else with their universal adaptors, the case is available for a certain amount of specific phones but any phone can be ‘converted’ with the Quad Lock universal adaptor. Check them out at

After months of patiently waiting and then unfortunately missing out on the first batch of stock I reached out to Chris Peters (@cplicious) one of the co-founders of Annex Products who arranged for me to receive one of the iPhone 6 Plus Quad Lock cases.

Quad Lock Case

If I had to describe the new case in one word it would have to be ‘refined’, they guys behind the Quad Lock have obviously looked at the previous versions of the case and found ways to improve it.

One annoyance I used to have with the case were the 4 holes around the locking system which allowed dust in behind the phone, that has been sealed with a cover plate and covered with a microfibre lining which actually aesthetically improves the case and feels rather nice at the same time.


Sometimes when I was showing people the case I would struggle to actually remove the phone, which is not actually a bad thing as I was pretty assured that my phone was safe however when I genuinely needed to get to the phone, to replace the sim card for example I would often worry about dropping the phone in the awkward push-pull manoeuvre to remove the case. With the new iPhone 6 Plus case the removal of the phone is a lot easier, whether that be down to a design modification or the increased size I don’t know but the case still holds the phone very securely, which leads me to my next point…

Now I have never intentionally dropped my iPhone but with the increased size of  the iPhones 6 Plus, I find myself dropping it slightly more than I did with the iPhone 5S, which was never. All in all I believe I have dropped my 6 Plus about 3 times in total and god was I happy that I had the Quad Lock case as I don’t think my screen would have survived the incidents.

Now I won’t say that I honestly believe that the Quad Lock case is the most protective or best looking case on the market but it is by far the best case for protection, aesthetic and functionality combined. After a suggestion from my friend over at I bought a few Quad Lock Adhesive Mounts to stick around the house, for example I have one stuck to the wall beside my bed with the charging cable nicely looped around ready to charge my iPhone at night.

You can get the Quad Lock case for the iPhone 6 on Amazon, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought about this review in the comments section below or ask me any questions that you may have about the Quad Lock Case and I will do my best to reply.

Quad Lock 6 Plus Back


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