Quad Lock iPhone 5S Case Review

After paying so much for my Apple iPhone 5S, I naturally wanted to keep it protected and as I am quite ‘connected’, I like to have an iPhone mount in my car, on my bike for emergencies and on my arm for running or working out. With that in mind I set out on my search.

I somehow missed it but a great project was funded in January 2012 on the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The Quad Lock was originally made for the iPhone 4S but since being funded they have launched many accessories and different cases, notably a case for the iPhone 5S along with a bike mount, car mount, armband and universal mounts for any surface.

As with most things, I NEEDED IT! and so without hesitation I ordered from Amazon Premium and had the iPhone 5S case, bike mount and car mount delivered the next day, oh boy was I happy.

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Using the Quad Lock
Universal Mounts
Quad Lock in the rain
Is the Quad Lock for me?

What’s in the box?

The Quad Lock packaging was very minimalist, which I like, no manuals, no huge amount of paper or rubbish.

Quad Lock Boxing

First up is the iPhone Quad Lock case itself, to the hand the case doesn’t seem to much thicker but actually adds 5.7mm to the phones depth at the furthest point however only 3.2mm to the width and height.

Quad Lock Case Front

And the rear.

Quad Lock Back

This is the Quad Lock bike mount which cant attach to the handlebar or the stem

Quad Lock Bike Mount Top

using these rubber bands.

Quad Lock Bike Mount Rubber

Next up is the Quad Lock armband, which is slightly larger than most iPhone armbands but a lot more comfortable.

Quad Lock Armband Box

And last but definitely not least the Quad Lock car mount. (As you can see I opted for an in action photo)

Quad Lock Car Mount


If you have any doubts about the protection offered by the Quad Lock case compromised by its functionality then you need not worry, the case is made from touch polycarbonate and durable TPU allowing the case to be installed and removed with ease. (Unlike the Apple leather cases)

As stated above the case measures 61.8 x 127 x 13.3 (w x h x d) which doesn’t bulk up the phone and the material makes the phone easier to grip. Sorry about the photo quality, I had to take the photo with an iPhone 4S.

Quad Lock iPhone 5S

 Using the Quad Lock

Locking and unlocking the Quad Lock case onto the mounts is rather easy, using their patent pending mounting interface the phone is placed over the mount at a 45° angle and pushed down, then with a 45° turn in any direction the case will click into place and not move until unlocked.

Quad Lock Mount System

Both the bike mount and armband have extra security features. The bike mount has a blue sleeve that needs to be pushed downwards whilst turning the phone, I have to say I have been impressed, its very solid and even if I fell off my bike I don’t think the phone is going anywhere.

Quad Lock Mounted Bike

As for the armband, it has a tab that like the sleeve needs to be pushed down whilst turning the phone in order for the phone to unlock, again no chance of the phone becoming unlocked whilst running or cycling. I did however notice that the tab is hard to get to (especially with fat fingers like mine) if the phone is mounted horizontally, but who does that?

Quad Lock Armband Mounted

Personally I don’t think the extra security is necessary for the car mount and apparently neither did the guys over at Quad Lock, it would surely be a nuisance having to use two hands to unlock the case from the car mount every time you jump in and out the car.

Universal Mounts

Something I found very original with Quad Lock is the universal male and female mounts, not only can you buy the male attachments to stick to the wall or a desk etc but you can also buy the female attachments that attach to your devices making them compatible with all your mounts. So for example you could stick the female attachment to your GoPro and be able to mount it in your car or any your bike or for those unlucky people with phones that aren’t catered for by Quad Lock, simply stick the female attachment on the back of your phone.

Quad Lock in the rain

I’m guessing that a few of you have been reading this review thinking yes its a good idea but what if it rains while im running or cycling, well the guys from Quad Lock thought of us europeans and decided to make the Quad Lock Poncho, a simple clear plastic cover compatible with the iPhone case.

Simply slip the poncho over your Quad Lock case if its raining or if you feel the weathers going to change while you’re out.

Quad Lock Poncho

 Is the Quad Lock for me?

Ok so you’ve seen the Quad Lock and all that it can do but now the real question is whether the case is for you or not. The answer is pretty simple, are you active on a daily basis? do you like using apps to record data while you ride or run? do you use your phone as a GPS in your car? If the answer to any of the questions is yes then you should definitely consider the Quad Lock otherwise if you answered no then its probably not for you and you should consider a case that offers the same protection but without a locking system which would be otherwise obsolete.

You can order the Quad Lock now from here.

Oh! One more use for the Quad Lock bike mount….. ride selfies 🙂

Bike Mount Photo


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