How to record your iPhone screen

Since the arrival of Apple’s OS X Yosemite, it has become possible to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad natively using QuickTime. Lets take a look see.

Please note before continuing that this technique does not work for legacy devices using the 30 pin connector. 

QuickTime, Quick and Simple

If you need to record the screen of your Apple device, there is no need for another camera or device to film, QuickTime is here to help.

In just a few clicks you can capture and record the screen of your iPhone, you will need to connect your device to your Mac (10.10 and above) with a Lightning Cable before proceeding, done? Lets continue.

To start, open QuickTime on your Mac and on the menu bar click File ➞ New Movie Recording (or use the shortcut ⌘⌥n).

Next, click on the small arrow next to the red circular record button near the bottom of the screen.


In the list that opens, select your device under the Camera and Microphone headings, your iPhone should then e displayed on the screen.

To start and stop the recording, click on the red button, at the end of your recording you can save it, share it or use it in an iMovie project.

For a still image, just take a screenshot of the QuickTime window and a PNG file will be saved to your Desktop (to master screenshots on OS X, see here).

This technique may also be used without recording to simply display your iPhone’s screen on your Mac with a more stable connection that Airplay for example. This could come in handy for presentations with a Mac connected to a projector.




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  1. The recording itself is near real-time, but there is some noticeable lag between performing an action on my iPhone and seeing the action occur in the QuickTime window. Any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this? I used to record my iPhone screen with Acethinker iPhone screen recorder, never had that problem.

    1. Hi Nelsoncolar, I personally did not experience the lag you described in your comment. What iPhone are you using? Is it an original Apple cable? Where you using other CPU intensive apps at the same time?

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