Sierras: Sungods Customisable Sunglasses

by Peter Fields

If you’ve followed me in recent years, you’ll know I’m a big fan of SunGod sunglasses. I have often talked about SunGod making some of the best sunglasses at affordable prices on the market and I have been wearing their sunglasses for over 3 years and I’m thinking it may be time to try a new model. Step forward Sungod Sierras.

I have a large collection of SunGod sunglasses in different colour schemes and I have to admit that until now, I have predominantly worn the Classics2. But last year Sungod released the SunGod Sierras that I had the opportunity to test throughout the end of the year.


Compared to the Classic2’s and Renegades, the sierras are more rounded frame, which I love. They seem to be much more formal or “fashionable” than the previous models. The arms are thinner than the last generations but still very comfortable in contact with the ears. As is typical with Sungod products, the Sierras are customizable with 180 possible colour configurations and for each lens colour there is a polarised version.

Two pairs of Sungod Sierras

The lenses are 53mm wide with a 19mm bridge and an arms length of 139mm. They fit very nicely on me and my wife so they are in practicality unisex glasses.

Sierras Features

In terms of functionality, what I really like about the SunGod Sierras is that they have kept all the best points from the other models, with no compromises. One such feature is the “Pop-Lock” hinge system. This new design has no screws, so you will not have to worry about screws loosening during hiking or while enjoying a day out at the beach.

Another advantage of Sierras is that they weigh only 25 g, while Renegades weighed 29 g and Classics2 28 grams. Personally, the difference in weight is negligeable, but is still noticeable.

Now if I haven’t convinced you that these are a bloody good pair of glasses then consider checking out the “technical specifications”, that should do the trick.

Tech Specs (Pun intended)

As should be expected with any pair of sunglasses, sun protection should be the 1st priority. Sungod haven’t skimped with the Sierras which offer complete protection against all harmful UV rays. The lenses filter 100% UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nm and exceed the requirements of European and American standards.

The triple layer lens protection ensures that even after suffering the lenses stay in the best possible condition. If the worst should happen and they get damaged, or if you simply want to change color, the Sierra lenses are interchangeable, with 5 shades available in normal or 4KOptics (polarised) versions on the Sungod site.

Available Colours

I thought it would be good to finish the tech garble with a very important quote from the Sungod website concerning the guarantee.

We have built our reputation on high performance products with unrivalled durability. That’s why your SunGod Sierras frames are covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee. If they break (or if you break them), we will repair your Sierras free of charge. SIMPLE.


To conclude and if it wasn’t obvious enough, I think that Sungod Sierra polarised sunglasses are a great addition to the expanding SunGod range. They’ve created a new great looking model while retaining the core features of their brand.

If you want to take a shot at winning a custom pair of Sierras then click here or if you’re not feeling then lucky then you can buy a pair here. You could even go as far as to follow me on Twitter where I share reduction codes every once in a while.

Did I get anything wrong? Something I missed out? Something to say about Sungod? Let me know in the comments section below and I will strive to reply as soon as possible.

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