Titan Loop Key Chain Review

The very nice guys over at Fuse Chicken have sent me a Titan Loop to giveaway to one of my visitors, so lets first take a look at what the Titan Loop is and then I’ll let you know how you can win it.

Toughest Key Chain Cable on Earth

The Titan Loop is a reinforced flexible steel key chain which doubles up as a lightning/Micr0-USB cable making it easy to keep on your person at all times.

Fuse Chicken have made a very ambitious claim that the Titan Loop is the toughest key chain cable on earth, which I set out to put to the test.

Titan Loop Keychain

In order to confirm Fuse Chicken’s claim I decided to perform a few tests on the cable which would simulate everyday wear and tear.

I tried cutting the cable with scissors and pulling strongly on either side but the cable didn’t budge, I even tried burning the cable with a lighter. There was no splitting or fraying which normally happens to standard Apple cables.

If I was to guess I would say that the only damage that could be caused to the cable would be to the connectors on either end.

On Hand Charging

The fact that the key chain also acts as a Lightning/Micro-USB charger is brilliant, the only way you could end up without a charging cable would be if you forgot your house keys or car keys.

Titan Loop Keychain

The USB3.0 side of the cable has a plastic mould that houses the Lightning/Micro-USB side, forming the key chain.


Fuse Chicken’s Titan Loop is Made For iPhone certified, this means it has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone and meets Apple performance standards.

The Titan Loop also comes with a Lifetime Warranty, but lets face it, you’re never going to need it

Titan Loop Keychain

The Titan Loop is available on Amazon for £24.95 and for $30 + Shipping on the Fuse Chicken Website.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Fuse Chicken have provided me with a Titan Loop to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To enter the competition all you need to do is retweet the following tweet and follow @fields_peter on Twitter:

You will instantly be entered in the prize draw which being drawn on Sunday the 27th September. Only one entry per person.


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