TripMode Review : Save Your Mobile Data

I’m currently on holiday somewhere in Spain and the best european data option my UK mobile operator can provide is the O2 Travel bolt-on. For £1.99 a day, I get access to “unlimited” data abroad, however only 50MB in 3G at which point I get limited to 2G, better known as GPRS with speeds at around 5kb/s.

Each day, it’s a real struggle to keep my data usage low, especially when using my mobile as a hotspot for my laptop. This is where TripMode comes in to play.

What is TripMode ?

TripMode is a laptop application that automatically turns on when connected to selected WiFi networks in order to stop unwanted traffic, only allowing internet access and data usage to your pre-approved apps.

As a result, TripMode provides users with better control of data usage on their devices, and ultimately lower data costs and faster speeds.

Originally developed in May 2015 for OSX, TripMode has since been improved and released on Windows 7 through 10 in January 2016.

One Click Control

TripMode, when activated, blocks all apps by default. It is then up to the user to selectively check or uncheck individual apps in the menu, granting or denying internet access. App preferences are subsequently remembered from each session to the next.

Simply writing this article has used more than 50MB of data.

Automatic Detection

Once set up, it needn’t be a chore to use, the application detects automatically when it’s connected to a mobile hotspot and a small notification informs the user that the internet blocking is active.

However, when connected to your home or work WiFI TripMode will deactivate itself and all applications will be able to access the internet again.

For the control freaks out there, a simple ON/OFF toggle button is located at the top of the menu.

Measuring Data Usage

Another interesting feature of TripMode is the ability to view data usage on an app by app basis within a session, day or month timeframe.

I think everyone should have at least a general idea of how much data individual applications are using, you might actually be surprised.

TripMode is available as a free download for OSX and Windows from with a 7 day free trial and a 15 minute daily usage limit thereon after. You can also purchase a licence for $7.99 (around £5.50 depending on current exchange rates) which I can guarantee will pay for itself on your first holiday abroad.

If you think that I have missed something or you simply have something to say, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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