Trivia Night Apple TV Game Review

Yesterday, out of the blue, Michael Park offered me a free code on Twitter for the Trivia Night app on the Apple TV, and after playing it last night with a couple of friends I really wanted to present it to you.

I would like to make it clear that Michael didn’t ask for a review or rating in return for the code, this presentation is my thanks and endorsement for sharing his game with me. 

Freelance Developer

I was rather intrigued about this unexpected offer on Twitter and I decided to do a little research on the author of the tweet, it turns out that Michael is a freelance iOS developer working out of Glasgow, Scotland.

I then checked out his Twitter profile and as of last night he is offering more codes for the game so make sure to send him a quick tweet and you may get one, if not enter my competition at the end of the article to win one of 3 codes to download the game for free.

Trivia Night with Friends

When some friends came round last night, we opened the game on the Apple TV and were met with a splash screen offering to Start Playing, toggle the sound and contact Support.

We chose to play and on the next screen, we were met by simple guide, instructing us to download the Trivia Night Companion app on our iOS devices, turn on the WiFi and follow the instructions on the device.


Trivia Night uses the Apple Software called Bonjour, it is zeroconf networking and doesn’t require the devices to be connected to the host WiFi network to play the game.

As soon as each user had connected and chosen a name, it was time to choose the points target (10, 20 or 30 points) and start the game.

The game would first randomly choose a player to pick a category, of which 3 questions would be asked before randomly choosing another player.

Unfortunately Darryl wasn’t very good at Geography.

For each question, 4 possible answers would be shown on-screen and on the companion app where each player would have a limited amount of time to select an answer.

As each person answers the question, the dot above their name at the bottom of the screen becomes a circle.


During each round of 3 questions, the point score would be kept secret until the end of the round at which point the points are tallied up before the next round. The game comes to an end when somebody attains the point target.

I’m winning!

Positives and Pitfalls

I liked that the game has not been over developed, there is no need for accounts, logins or profiles which make it approachable and family friendly.

Trivia Night also uses very simple neutral colours which don’t overpower or distract the user away from the gameplay.

That being said, there are a few features I would love to see included in the next versions of the game, such as the possibility of playing with friends on Apple TV’s over the internet, maybe using a unique code that is communicated between the two parties to ‘link’ the games.

Another idea would be to select a level of difficulty and/or category at the beginning of each game, making it a lot more child friendly and allowing people to compete in specific categories.

Last but not least, when two people reach the points target on the same question, the game is a tie and it would nice to see the winner be decided with a tie breaker.


I am speaking with Michael on Twitter and would like to think that user feedback has a positive influence on his work and this game, and I look forward to seeing future versions of this very fun game.


You can download the Trivia Night companion iOS app for free and search for ‘Trivia Night‘ on the Apple TV App Store, available for £1.49.

Enter below for your chance to win 1 of 3 redemption codes to download the Trivia Night game for free on your Apple TV. Competition closes on 15th November at midnight and winners will be drawn on the 16th.

Trivia Night Code Giveaway

Thanks for sharing if you enjoyed the article, let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this or give me a shout on Twitter.


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