Twist Plus+ World Charging Station Review

How does charging 4 different USB devices at the same time sound, now add in a Magsafe connection to charge all modern MacBooks and a ‘Twist & Release’ plug that works in over 150 countries and you have the Twist Plus+ from OneAdaptr.

Twist Plus+

The Twist Plus+ World Charging Station was designed with the Apple Macbook in mind. A slot on the bottom allows any Apple Magsafe charger with a detachable plug to be connected and used to charge your Apple computer.

This unique feature is what sets the Twist Plus+ a part from all other universal chargers, but thats not all it offers.

Twist Plus - 2

Not rocket science, socket science!

The Twist Plus+ uses a new ‘Twist & Release’ mechanism to offer 4 different plugs that work in over 150 countries. Coming in at 56x84x86.5 mm it makes the perfect travel companion, no longer will your suitcase be full of different plugs for every device.

Pressing the yellow button on the side and turning the mechanism will reveal 4 different plugs to choose from. Releasing the button will lock it into place. When not in use, simply turn it back to retract the plugs, making it more transport friendly.

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Charge all at once

I imagine that at least 90% of modern households have more than a couple of USB powered devices, and with four 20W/4A USB charging ports the Twist Plus+ will solve all your charging dilemmas. Charge all your devices at once at high speed using a single plug.

If you were to use it without the Magsafe charger, you might find that a compact USB charger is more suited (However do note that it will still provide USB power without the magsafe).

Twist Plus - 3

If you’re like me, and often find yourself charging your Macbook along with multiple other devices, then the Twist Plus+ is a great device with a nice design and solid build. Now, if you often find yourself travelling internationally, then this becomes the ultimate device.

You can buy the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station for £27.99 on Amazon or on the OneAdaptr website but you might have to pay high postage fees.

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