Wristouch Apple Watch Bands Review

Last week I received three different Apple Watch Bands, in rubber, mesh and stainless steel from the guys at Wristouch over in San Francisco and I wanted to give you guys a quick review and send them to two lucky winners.

The giveaway will be drawn on Friday 30th October, the first participant drawn will have the choice of the 2 bands, and the second place will receive the remaining band.

Choice & Change

Wristouch strongly believe in choice and change and this shows in the variety of bands they offer. They sent me a strong natural rubber band with stainless steel clasp, an elegant mesh band and a brushed stainless steel link band.


Each of the above bands come in a few different variants and since last week Wristouch have actually announced a new Meta band which comes in stainless steel or with a carbon fibre finish.


The bands feel great to touch, and the colours are really nice, although not a perfect match for the sideral grey they really complement the watch when used together.


Mesh Black Sandblasted

The mesh band from Wristouch is available in a classic chrome colour as well as a matt black and a metallic camouflage pattern.

The pattern of the mesh is slightly different from the Apple Milanese Loop, dare I say a more masculine design with a snake-skin like texture.


This is actually my favourite design of the three bands and I will be holding on to it for evenings when I need to ‘dress up’

Oyster Stainless Steel

The Oyster Apple Watch band comes in stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and black finishes and is probably the most classic of the three watch bands.


It uses a chamfer diver clasp to close and sports the Wristouch logo on the back which looks very elegant.


This is the first of the two bands I will be giving away in the 42mm iteration, it has a retail price of £109 + shipping when purchased from the Wristouch website. *It is not compatible with the 38mm model.

Minimalist Rubber

The rubber sports band comes in two colours, the standard black and a red which is pretty similar to the Apple (RED) products. The band is made from an EPDM rubber which is so strong it is actually used on roofs.


This band is not as flexible as the Apple Watch Sport band and will not absorb sweat or dirt and is really easy to wash with normal water.


The rubber band is available to pre-order on the Wristouch website for £49 + shipping depending on where about in the world you are, and is the second band I will be giving away on the 30th October.

Timeless Replacement Bands

I’ve really enjoyed using these bands over the last couple of weeks and will be sad when I have to send them off to the winners, I want to thank Wristouch again for giving me the opportunity to run this giveaway so be sure to check out their site and to follow them on Twitter.

All the bands in this article are available for order or pre-order on the Wristouch website starting at £49.


In order to win one of the two Apple Watch bands for the 42mm Apple Watch you need to retweet the tweet below and follow me on twitter at @fields_peter and subscribe to my Youtube channel for an extra chance of winning.

The competition will end on Friday 30th October at midnight GMT+1 and the winners will be drawn during the weekend.

As usual thanks for reading guys and I appreciate any form of sharing be it tweets, likes, snaps or instagrams, catch you next time for another article on !



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